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2nd Marine Raider Regiment (Provisional)

FEB ’42 – FEB ’44 (1-2 p62-63)

12 Sep 43 2nd Marine Raider Regiment (Provisional) organized on New Caledonia. Regiment composed of Headquarters and Service Company, the 2nd Raider Battalion, and the 3rd Raider Battalion.
4 Oct 43 Regimental H&S Company embarked aboard the USS President Hayes (APA-21), at New Caledonia, and disembarked at Tetere, Guadalcanal, BSI., on 11 Oct 43.
13 Oct 43 Embarked aboard the USS George Clymer (APA-27), at Tetere, Guadalcanal, and arrived on 16 Oct 43 at Efate, New Hebrides Islands, and conducted pre-invasion landing rehearsals.
22 Oct 43 Departed Efate Island, New Hebrides Islands, and arrived at Espiritu Santo Harbor, New Hebrides, on 23 Oct 43.
28 Oct 43 Departed Espiritu Santo Harbor, New Hebrides, and arrived and sailed from Guadalcanal, on 30 Oct 43.
l Nov 43 Assault landing at Cape Torokina, Empress Augusta Bay, Bougainville, British Solomon Islands.
12 Jan 44 Regimental H&S Company boarded the USS President Hayes (APA-21), sailed, and disembarked at Tassafaronga, Guadalcanal, BSI.
26 Jan 44 2nd Marine Raider Regiment (Provisional) disbanded at Tassafaronga, Guadalcanal, BSI. H&S Company disbanded. 2nd Raider Battalion and the 3rd Raider Battalion reverted to the 1st Marine Raider Regiment.