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Colonel Jon T. Hoffman an Honorary Raider

Colonel Jon T. Hoffman USMCR, Deputy Director of the USMC History and Museum Division has accepted honorary membership in the U. S. Marine Raider Association and has agreed to be a member of the Raider web site committee.

Colonel Hoffman holds the degree of Doctor of Jurisprudence from Duke University, an MA degree from Ohio State University and a BA degree from Miami University. He has been a celebrated author of biographies of Marine Corps personalities. “Chesty: The Story of Lieutenant General Lewis B. Puller, USMC” (August 2001) and “Once a Legend: ‘Red Mike’ Edson of the Marine Raiders” (June 1994). In Addition, He is the author of “From Makin to Bougainville: Marine Raiders in the Pacific War” one of the Marine Corps commemorative series booklets. His most recent effort has been editing, “U.S.M.C: A Complete History”, was written working in conjunction with the Marine Corps Association, Levin Associates presenting the definitive chronology of the U.S. Marine Corps (October 2002). Not yet published it is described in review:

“U.S.M.C: A Complete History will be the definitive chronology on the Marines—serving as both a reference tool and a handsome addition to any military history collection. Building upon the official Marine Corps chronologies, this book will present a year-by year summary of significant Marine activities, from 1775 to the present. Key historical entries, as well as significant operations, technological advances, and the people instrumental in shaping the Marines, will be treated as expanded sidebars or articles. Treating these elements in detail will help bring this encyclopedic account of the Marine Corps history to life.”

His other publications include, “First Marine Division In Korea”, A history of the 1st Provisional Marine Brigade, 5th Marines, and 1st Marine Division in Korea. Includes listing of all 1st Marine Division KIAs (including date and rank) in Korea, “Truth Without Fear,” an article in U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings 121, no.5 (May 1995): 57-63. “Organizing Command Echelons For Joint Warfare” (1997) Subject Area – National Military Strategy was written while he was a student at Marine Corps Command and Staff College.

The U. S. Marine Raider Association will pass into the hands of blood relatives of Marine Raiders and those dedicated to the history of the Raiders in the year 2005. The future members may be significantly assured that the presence of Colonel Hoffman in the organization will be a very positive factor in the preservation of Raider history. It is hoped that his talents, skills and council will contribute to the continuation and improvement of the Raider web site.

Ervin Kaplan, M. D.
E and H Company 2nd Raider Battalion