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Introduction to the United States Marine Raider Website

Welcome to the official website of the United States Marine Raider Association and Foundation. This history of the Marine Raiders has been compiled from the most accurate sources and will be periodically updated as new information becomes available. The goal of this website is the establishment of a limited search engine, by linking pages to relevant Marine Raider information online. The history of a small military unit like the Raiders cannot be adequately appreciated, unless it is viewed in context of the larger effort of which it is a part.

The story of these first combat ready ground troops of World War II, predecessors of today’s U.S. Marine Corps Special Operations Command (MARSOC), will both educate and fascinate you, with the astounding tales of their combat against the Japanese enemy. The Marine Raiders made the initial ground offensives against the Japanese in World War II. They participated in turning around the Japanese advance, the only ground unit that participated in every island assault in the Solomon Islands; following which, Raiders as individuals or units were in virtually every island hopping event in the Pacific War and the first landing in Japan after its announced surrender.

The cooperation of committee members Jerome J. C. Beau, John E. Dornan, Frank J. Guidone, Melvin D. Heckt, Jon T. Hoffman, George A. MacRae, Lewis S. Zentner; USMRA Presidents John B. Sweeney, John J. Freeling and Michael B. Beeler, John P. McCarthy, Editor of Raider Patch; members of the USMRA Board of Directors; Executive Director of the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation Susan L. Hodges; David B. Crist of the Marine Corps Historical Center and many others is acknowledged.

It is to these men, living and dead, that we dedicate this website