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Raider Information Online:

  1. Last Man Home Page
    (How will the last surviving Marine Raider be honored?)
  2. Sixth Marine Division Official Web Site
    (After disbandment the Marine Raider were designated the 4th Marines, 6th Marine Division.)
  3. War Memorial – A site committed to telling the stories of our veterans in their own words
  4. Medals of the U. S. Marine Corps
  5. That ragged old flag
  6. Coast Watching in the Solomon islands A. B. Feuer Editor
  7. Martin Clemens and Company, Guadalcanal 1942
  8. Peter Flahavin’s detailed interview with Martin Clemens
  9. Zimmerman’s section on Native Help and Coastwatching on Guadalcanal
  10. Unofficial Dictionary of Marines
  11. Arlington Cemetery
  12. Tulagi Links
  13. World War II Gyrene
  14. Before You Go: To All Our Brothers in Arms Who With Us 60 Years Ago Saved Our Way

Commercial Links:

  1. supplying military spec. dog tags to all branches of the military, including the Coast Guard, as well as search and rescue groups, police, and firemen.
  2. World War II Ration Technologies
  3. 4 Star Military Surplus


  1. Raider Body Recovery – Press Release
  2. Patriotic Greeting Cards