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A Toast To Carlson’s Raiders

By Vernon C. Akers (2 Bn)

(2-4 p228)

Here’s to the men who are silent,
Here’s to the men that laugh,
Here’s to the corporals, and lower,
Here’s to the men of the staff.

Oh, here’s to the men that are living,
Here’s to the men that are gone,
And here’s to the many survivors,
After the war is done.

Up on your feet, for we drink a toast,
To the men you know so well,
Quaff deep from your cup, for tonight we drink,
To Carlson’s green men from Hell!

Be it ale, or beer, or sweet white wine,
Or whiskey, the drink for a man,
By God, drink her deep, for you drink to men
Whose records will always stand!

We drink to the dead long remembered,
With only one life to give,
Who gave their lives that a million more
Might have that life to live.

But, all in all, ’tis plain to see
From beginning until the end,
When you drink your toast, by God you drink
To Men who are REALLY Men!