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Beside The Trail

By Robert N. Herriott
Second Marine Raider Battalion

Dedicated to the boys who fell on Guadalcanal

A clearing has been made beside that twisting trail.
A Raider rests in peace as his ship for home sets sail.
Each passing pair of eyes now lowered in sorrow,
Reaps vengeance as evening gives promise of tomorrow.

That rugged cross, native made, may it be
A token of remembrance, their ever humble Fee
There it stands in a far off tropic Land
A monument placed within God’s helping hand.

To you, pal, a prayer from those now weary hearts
How true we knew the best of men must part.
For-ever, undisturbed, you so peacefully sleep
On our honor roll your name we proudly keep.

You, mother, raise your head and wipe away each tear.
Never once to us did your son betray a sign of fear.
We know that you will bravely face your loss, serene,
Know that to us your dear son was a true Marine.