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Carlson’s Raiders

By Vernon C. Akers 2nd Raider Battalion

(2-4 p227)

In the memory of men, there were those who were brave
And fought like the heroes of old.
But none of the fame who carry the name
Of Carlson’s Raiders so bold.

They were gathered from near and gathered from far.
They were picked from the best in the land:
A hell raising crew that sailed the blue
Was Carlson’s Raider band.

They carry machine guns like pistols they say,
And a knife that was tempered in Hell.
And the Raiders all claim no mortal by name
Could use them one quarter as well.

They whisper of Raiders who gambled with death
And fought like the demons of old.
And those who were there are willing to swear
By Carlson’s Raiders so bold.

They will sing of the sailor and soldier, I know
And tell of the deeds that were done:
But Carlson’s Raiders will sing for themselves
And tell how the battle was won.

So here’s to the Raider who stands by his flag,
Who offers his life for his land.
Who marches to fame with pride in the name,
Of Carlson’s Raider band.

Another early poet and song writer was Vernon C. Akers of the 2nd Battalion. This was written at night by flashlight at Jacques Farm, California in the spring of 1942 and was sung to the tune of Ivan Stravinsky Skavar – also known as Abdul Abulbul Amir.(same song). Visit related links about the return of the Makin Island Marines on our links page.