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Washington, Sept. 9 (U.P.)—Forty-five New Yorkers and 16 from New Jersey were listed today in the Navy Department’s casualty list No. 11, covering the period from Aug. 13-30, inclusive

Eight of the New Yorkers were killed, three wounded and 34 missing. New Jersey fatalities were five with one wounded and 10 missing.

One Jamaica man was killed and 15 from Brooklyn and Long Island are missing. Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk casualties follow:

Missing [August 18, 1942]: Robert V. Allard, sergeant, Mrs. Frieda Allard, 3708 68th St., Woodside.

Sgt. Robert Vincent Allard, 22, of the Marines, had been in the Marine Reserves three years before enlisting for active duty shortly after Pearl Harbor. His mother and brother, Kenneth, 24, live at 3708 68th St., Woodside.

Historian’s note: Sgt. Allard was subsequently captured by the Japanese, taken to Kwajalein and executed on 16 October 1942.