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GUAM, July 21.—(UP)—(Delayed)—A former Froebel High School athlete, Marine First Lieut. Max Belko, whose parents reside at 815 West Thirteenth, Gary, was killed in action today [July 21, 1944] while leading the assault rifle platoon which he commands. He was a one-time All-American football star at the University of Southern California.

Belko’s outfit was one of the first to hit the Guam beach and pressed inland in a steady drive. During the third hour of fighting, Belko was hit in the abdomen by fragments from a Jap mortar shell. He died soon after.

When he was hit, Belko’s platoon was about 700 yards inland from the beach, fighting in red clay foothills to the south and below Mt. Alifan.

Fellow Marines temporarily buried Belko in the area where he was killed and made a crude cross of tree branches with his dog tag hung on it.

Belko played tackle in the middle thirties under the late Howard Jones, who once said that Belko was “the most perfect man I ever coached,” referring to his ability, temperament and attitude.

Belko subsequently coached at the Arroyo Grande High School and Hanford, both in California. His wife lives at 922 W. Thirtieth Street, Los Angeles.