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Arthur Corella, 83, passed away in Huntsville, AL, on the 28th of February, 2006. Although born in Long Beach, CA, Art was raised in downtown Tempe, AZ. In the late 1930s he was a sports minded student at Old Tempe High. Both he and younger brother, Robert, also deceased, played baseball at the historic stone baseball field. Before graduating, the family moved to Redding, CA, where his father worked on Shasta Dam. The parents, Victoria Ruiz Moreno and Frank Redondo Corella, were descendants of Spanish military personnel from Arizona’s Tubac Presidio. In the 1700s, relatives traveled in first expeditions to Alta, CA and various missions; they stayed to settle Rancho Azuza de Duarte, San Jose de Buenos Aires and Rodeo de Aguas. In 1941 Art graduated from Shasta High and received a football scholarship to Loyola Marymont. College was halted by enlistment in WWII. As a Marine Raider in the 4th Battalion, he fought in the Pacific, including the Solomon Islands, New Georgia, Guam and Marianas. Art was one of only 48 Raiders out of 1,000 to make it to Okinawa in 1945. All 48 survivors had been wounded at least once. He was decorated with the Purple Heart among other medals. Later he served in the Communist China Aggression and United Nations Offensive in Korea. In May 2001, a ceremony took place to unveil a monument that honored men and women from Shasta High who were casualties of WWII, Korea and Viet Nam. With jets flying overhead, Art was able to stand and accept the War Memorial Medal from the Republic of South Korea. Art fought Parkinson’s disease valiantly for 20 years, even enduring an experimental brain surgery (while he was awake) which did successfully control tremors. Art’s life work in peacetime was devoted to Shasta Dam and community projects. He loved Notre Dame football games, baseball and golf. Art leaves behind many friends and relatives in Redding, CA, as well as in Madison, AL. His laugh, twinkling blue-grey eyes and inner strength will be cherished memories for his five proud and grateful children. From a first marriage are son, Mark Corella, granddaughter Krystal Ann Corella and great-granddaughter, Kody Mahoney, of Martinez, CA; grandson, Chad Westergaard and newborn great-granddaughter, Rachel, of Richmond, CA; daughter, Carolyn Gip Gagnon, grandsons, Tony and Gaylord Gagnon and great-granddaughter, Lauren Marie, of Chandler, AZ. Art remarried and at his side for 54 years was his wife, Billye Dale. Their children are: son, Craig Corella, grandchildren, Nick, Thomas, Lauren, and Crystal Corella, of Yuba City, CA; daughter, Corlis Kent, and grandson, Tyler Kent, of Boise, ID; granddaughter, Tracy Baeckler and great-granddaughter, Alexandra, of San Jose, CA; daughter, Sheri Comer, and grandchildren Chris Comer and Courtney Burrows, of Huntsville, AL. Two newborn great-grandsons, Grayson Burrow and John Franklin Comer, arrived to please him shortly before his passing. Art’s remains will return to Redding, CA, where a celebration of his life journey is planned to take place in May at the new Northern California Veterans Cemetery he helped to establish.