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Pvt. Richard C. Farrar, brother of Mrs. Gladys Bullinger, 4641 Lake Park Avenue, who was killed Dec. 4 [1942] on Guadalcanal, was a member of Carlson’s Raiders, which has received a blanket citation from Maj. Gen. A. A. Vandegrift of the Marines for offensive operations against the Japanese. They were the second unit to receive such a citation in this war. Commanded by Lt. Col. Evans F. Carlson, this outfit carried out a raid on a Jap base on Makin Island last [August]. Farrar enlsisted on Dec. 28, 1941, in Chicago. He was 20 years old. In his letter to Mrs. Bullinger, Col. Carlson said, “Richard was exceedingly popular with both officers and men. He manifested marked courage, determination, and fortitude in his work. His loss is keenly felt.”