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On Saturday, June 23, Mrs. R. A. Harris received the following message from the War Department:

“Deeply regret to inform you that your son, First Lieutenant Charles J. Harris, died 6 June 1945 of wounds received in action at Okinawa Island, Ryuku Islands, in the performance of his duty and service to his country. When information is received regarding burial, you will be notified. Please accept our heartfelt sympathy.

A. A. Vandegrift, USMC,
Commandant of the Marine Corps”

Lt. Harris was with the 4th Marines, formerly known as Marine Raiders, 6th Division and had been overseas 20 months. He had taken part in five major battles, Emirau, Saipan, Tinian, Guam and Okinawa. In action at Guam July, 1944 he was wounded and sent to a hospital in New Caledonia where he was confined for 71 days, returning to his company in October last year.

First Lieutenant Harris was a graduate of Winnsboro High School and graduated from Baylor University in 1942. He entered the Marine Corps September 19, 1943 and trained at Quantico, Va., where he was commissioned a Second Lieutenant.

A brother, S/Sgt. Arnold Harris is stationed at New Orleans.