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WATERFORD, Conn. (AP) – At least five persons were killed in the apparent collision of two light airplanes over Long Island Sound about a quarter mile from shore Saturday [June 14, 1969], the Coast Guard said.

Two bodies were recovered by private boats near the site of the crash, the Coast Guard said. The other three bodies were found later, at least two of them still in one of the planes.

No survivors were found.

Two of the victims were women, said Dr. Harold H. Irwin, New London medical examiner, who checked the bodies at the pier of the Underwater Sound Laboratory.

The owner of one of the planes was reported to be Jack W. Johnstone of San Juan Capistrano, Calif. His blue and white Debonair, a four-seater, had spent Friday night at Trumbull Airport in Groton, where officials said Johnstone was listed as the pilot for Saturday’s flight.

Officials said they had no evidence that he was one of the victims.

The other plane was described as a cream and red Cessna four-seater, out of Linden, N. J.

The owner of the second plane was not immediately identified.

Historian’s note: Jack W. Johnstone was later identified as one of those killed in the airplane collision.