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Active Membership Classifications:

WWII Marine Raider: Any person who has served with one or more of the four Marine Raider Battalions which were designated as 1st and 2nd Separate Battalions or in any component unit of the 1st and 2nd Marine Raider Regiment (Provisional) or had completed Marine Raider Training prior to February 1,1944 when the 4th Marine Regiment was formed.
World War II Marine Raider and Spouse/Widow Life Membership is Complimentary.

Marine Raider: Anyone who serves, past or present in MARSOC or served in Detachment One.
Unit: Dates:

Honorary: The spouse, children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters and other descendants of a Marine Raider; those persons who have rendered distinguished service to this Association and nominated for Honorary Membership by an Active Member and approved by the Board of Directors and Membership at the Annual Meetings.
Name and Relationship to Raider: Unit:

Associate: Any person who is historically interested in the Marine Raiders. Such members are invited to all Association functions and meetings and shall have the right to vote but shall have no right to hold office.

Dues approved and effective August 17, 2013 and August 29, 2015

World War II Marine Raider and Raider Spouse/Widow Life Membership (Complimentary)

Marine Raider 1-year Membership ($25)
Marine Raider 3-year Membership ($60)
Marine Raider 5-year Membership ($75)
Marine Raider Lifetime Membership ($375)*

Honorary and Associate Annual Dues ($35)
Associate/Military (Any retired or active military other than above) ($30)
Honorary and Associate Life Membership ($500)*
—-Over age 50 ($400)*     Age:
—-Associate/Military ($400)*
Honorary and Associate 5-year Membership ($125)* Associate/Military ($100)
Honorary and Associate 3-Year Membership ($90) Associate/Military ($75)


* To pay for lifetime membership in installments, please use the printable Membership Application Form.

Questions relating to membership should be directed to the Membership Secretary:
Florence R. Dornan, Membership Secretary
U.S. Marine Raider Association
704 Cooper Court, Arlington, TX 76011
Email: Phone: 817-275-1552