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Book Review: Image of America – Camp Pendleton

Colonel Thomas O’Hara USMCR (ret)


To the many thousands of marines including Raiders who trained at Camp Pendelton reading the profusley illustrated “Image of America – Camp Pendelton” by Colonel Thomas O’Hara USMCR (Ret), will indeed be a nostalgic experience. As a Marine Corps helecopter pilot who flew over the area for twenty eight years and Curator of the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum, he presents an unique perspectve of this massive Marine Training Base.

This paperback volume gives comprehensive coverage of the site, from the history of Father Junipero Serra who built missions in the area in the 18th century, to its long existace as Rancho Santa Margarita, to the establishment of Camp Pendleton in 1942 and its evolving into a traing site for the 1st Marine expeditionary Force, a Marine Corp Aviation Center and a very sophisticaed and inclusive training facility.

Ervin Kaplan, M. D.

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