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Raider Foundation Projects:


Tulagi 2014, Dedication of School Building on Tulagi

Tulagi Sch #2

John Heckt & Mat Kenutis stand in front of the “Edson” Classroom

On the 15th of September 2014 a contingent of U.S. Marine Raider Association members traveled to Tulagi Island to dedicate and transfer a brand new school building to the local school system.  This building was funded by the U.S. Marine Raider Foundation in appreciation of Joseph Vouza and his Solomon Island compatriots who were of immense assistance to the Marine Raiders of WWII.  There were a couple hundred students and many local dignitaries present.

The school is located precisely on “Blue Beach,” the very first landing site (on 7 August 1942) for the first land offensive undertaken by the WWII.  It was our Marine Raiders who were victorious in taking this battle to the enemy.  Up until the Raiders hit the beaches, the enemy was considered invincible.  In keeping with Marine Raider “firsts,” this is the first all metal building on Tulagi, which will insure it will last a long time and make tough chewing for the many termites there!

Tulagi Sch #1

New Tulagi School behind Tulagi Students.

To help keep the Legacy of the Marine Raiders alive and to further educate these children each of the four upstairs classrooms has been named after one of the four Raider Battalion leaders: Edson, Carlson, Liversedge, and Roosevelt.

Fund raising  continues by the U.S. Marine Raider Foundation for desks, chairs, school supplies, and for construction of latrines for the hundreds of students that will be present.

usmrmemorial_smMarine Raider Bronze Memorial

A very special event took place at the National Museum of the Marine Corps in November, 2014.   The US Marine Raider Foundation officially transferred a 3-Marine bronze statue to the National Museum of the Marine Corps.  It is a stunning work of art that captures a unique convergence of “firsts” during WWII.   The statue consists of a Marine Raider BAR man, a Navajo Code Talker, and a dog handler with dog.  These were “firsts” for military operations and came together under the banner of the U.S. Marine Raiders!   Read more…

memorial-brickMemorial Brick Program

There are two memorial brick programs in place: one to provide a brick for each of the 889 Marine Raiders killed in action (KIA) during WWII, and another that provides a naming opportunity for individuals to recognize themselves, relatives, or a friend they wish to honor. A donation of $125.00 will purchase a memorial brick with a laser inscribed Raider insignia or other logo or for $100.00 a brick without a logo. Bricks will line the walkway to the Marine Corps Raider Hall Museum in Quantico, Virginia. Memorial Brick Order Form

vouza-scholoarshipVouza Scholarship Program

Honoring Jacob Vouza, a native from the Solomon Islands who was of unwavering assistance to the Raiders during WWII, a scholarship program was established in his name for native born children in the islands. Join us in expanding this scholarship program to additional deserving students. A $350.00 donation funds a year of school for one special student.

Raiders Return to Guadalcanal 2011

Some Raiders and their families visited Guadalcanal in 2011, with John Innes as our guide on the trip.

Thank you to Louie Marsh for allowing us to include his video of the Raiders’ Trip back to Guadalcanal in 2011 on our channel.

foundationimage4Speaker Forums/Memorial Visitations

Many have only a cursory knowledge of WWII most often obtained through glorified television programming. Help us all better understand this aspect of our history by funding speaker forums and memorial visitations for those remaining Marine Raider veterans who protected our country and way of life in WWII. Your donation will provide an opportunity for these veterans, while they are still with us, to participate and share their personal history through first-hand accounts of their experiences.