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Mrs. Alice Thostenson, daughter of Col. And Mrs. C. M. Crane and wife of Sgt. Thorborn M. Thostenson who was killed on Iwo Jima March 1 [1945], this week received the following letter from commandant of the First Battalion, 28th Marines, Col. J. B. Butterfield:

“Your husband, Thorborn, met his death in the following manner: He was leading his squad of riflemen forward during a bitter engagement with a strongly resisting enemy when he halted his troops momentarily to reorganize them and to reconnoiter the ground ahead of him.

“Rather than risk the life of any one of his men, he went forward alone on a personal reconnaissance. It was while engaged in this hazardous but important undertaking, bravely exposing himself in order to accomplish his objective, when he was struck by enemy small arms fire.

“Your husband was a courageous leader of his men, personally valorous to a high degree, and his fine spirit of leadership was reflected in the actions of those he led. You may be assured that your husband gave his life as a true Marine, gloriously, fearlessly and proudly.”

Mrs. Thostenson was told by the men with her husband at the time of his death, that they stayed right on the spot until they killed the sniper who shot the young sergeant.