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CINCINNATI (UPI) – A Cincinnati truck driver took his life Wednesday night [April 13, 1966] with a shotgun blast that also injured his wife, who tried to stop his suicide.

The dead man was John Trapp, 44, who was to have appeared today in Clermont County Domestic Relations Court in a dispute with his former wife.

Genevieve Trapp, 45, was in Good Samaritan Hospital with a wound of the arm. She told police her husband had been despondent because of the problems with his former wife.

Mrs. Trap said they arrived at their apartment last night and Trapp went to a living room closet and pulled out the shotgun without her knowledge. She said she found him kneeling on the floor with the shotgun pointed at his face. She lunged and tried to brush the gun aside, but he pulled the trigger and the blast hit both of them.