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Corporal Mason Yarbrough, 21, of the United States Marine Corps, has been killed in action [August 17, 1942] “in the performance of his duty and in the service of his country,” according to a telegram received Saturday by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Yarbrough, farmers living north of Sikeston.

Corporal Yarbrough, who joined the Marines as a volunteer on June, 1941, had been stationed in the Hawaiian Islands for the past several months. His last message home was a brief letter and money order, mailed on August 4 and reaching Sikeston on August 13. The money order was to purchase a new pair of spectacles for his mother.

Joining the service because his boyfriend, Elmer H. Pryor, was drafted and he felt that he should do his part too, the young Yarbrough was much interested in his work and became a Marine corporal within less than 10 months. Pryor is now stationed at Fort Leonard Wood.

Born in Casey, Ark., on August 16, 1921, Corporal Yarbrough attended school in Arkansas and at Hunter and Lennox schools near Sikeston. Besides his parents, he is survived by a brother, Ted Yarbrough, and three sisters, Mrs. Willis Holmes and Lottie and Rosella Yarbrough.

Historian’s note: Corporal Yarborough “celebrated” his 21st birthday aboard submarine USS Nautilus en route to Makin Island and was killed in action the next day.